Ferrary Hotel

Ferrary Hotel

•Weekday: Sunday to Friday

•Holiday: Saturday、National holidays

•For other periods and special festive activities (including Chinese New Year): First Date of the First Lunar Month to Fifth Date, please call us for more details.

•No discounts on 12/30, 12/31, 1/1

•Check-in time is after 15:00

•Check-out time is before noon 12:00

•Please inform the Hotel of the accurate number of guests (number of adults or children) during reservation. Please inform the Hotel again if the number is changed. The Hotel will charge additional bed fees if the number of guests exceeds the reservation number.



• Please show your ID for check-in procedure.

• Please shut the doors and windows to avoid bugs and mosquitos and keep the room clean.

• No smoking.

• Please put on indoor shoes when entering the room. No smoking, gambling, alcohol drinking, or making too much noise.

• Please return the keys or room access cards to the room when checking out and feel free to inform the servers if the Hotel fails to provide you perfect services.

• Please keep your voice down at night to avoid disturbing your neighbors.

• Please understand that the Hotel does not have liabilities to keep your belongings safe so please safekeep your valuables by yourselves.



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